APRIL 13th, 2021



A journey into the unknown... Most of you who know me since the early days of the CryptoArt and NFT scene know that my real background is in oil painting, analog art and writing. Interdisciplinary approaches and mixing of different fields have always been important to me.

At some point, the digital had a special attraction for me and I increasingly found my way to CryptoArt. What fascinated me most was the exchange. The exchange with other artists who were on the other side of the globe and which had a speed through bits and bytes that was impressive. Conversations with other artists, gallery owners, collectors... all that seemed exciting - and still is.

I'm not a person who just goes it alone. Rather, I am a social being through and through. I love contact with others, and much more so the process of creating together; just as I love to evolve, gain new skills, and express ideas in different ways.

Especially in the last few months and towards the end of 2020, the cryptoart and NFT scene has been changing rapidly - but so have I. All of a sudden, single publications didn't seem enough; graphic designs combined with articles too little... I wanted to change and push my role as an artist in an art director direction as well. Reconnect more with other artists and get out of my comfort zone. NFT ART COM sprang from this new attitude.

What exactly is this project?

It is an art project that continues over 3 years, includes various collaborations, and culminates and ends in a special event with the Bitcoin Halfing 2024.

Overall, it represents an epic that can rightfully claim to have the word interdisciplinarity on its side; it skillfully combines visualization, collaboration, building bridges between physical and digital artifacts; the written word and different world in 1001 spaces. But it also includes my personal development and process in learning new skills - Herein lies the happiness of creating.

A creator goes into contact with himself and others; around him flies a swarm of ideas; powerful but caught in the process. The ideas want to find thereby organization and alone these cannot be brought always to the effect. One needs and gives the helping hand.

A nexus is created. A connection between individuals, who are however in the sum a whole. Everyone still has his own values and his own style, but in a symphony everyone contributes as an individual tone to the melody in his own way. Everyone counts; without the need for a counter. - As creators, we have tapped into a nexus that, as multiplicity, flows into unity. The voice of the spiritus creator.


And it is precisely this "spiritus creator" that we will be dealing with at the beginning of this journey. It is the architect we are dealing with here. But not meant in a spiritual sense - the primordial light, primordial word or the metaphor of essential being are not in the center here. As an artist or even art director, I have a great affinity for the Blockchain and the CryptoArt community, so this project wants to start with its roots - the great architect of the Blockchain - Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is certainly a reworking of my individual publications to meet the above claims and offer different perspectives and interpretations of the architect in a collaborative creative process. This will find its prelude in a two-part publication in April and May 2021.

Where will it go after that?

I am not in a position to say. This chronicle develops independently like life itself. The project is allowed to develop and it remains... a journey into the unknown.